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The Bugatti Model 100 Aircraft In Flight

The Bugatti Model 100

The Bugatti Model 100

The Bugatti Model 100 aircraft while in flight over France air space. Probably this is the rarest aircraft in the world, there is only one unit built by Bugatti back in 1939. At that time, this built intended to compete in Deutsch de la Meurthe Cup Race as an air racer, apparently Bugatti was not able to finish on time. So the model 100 moved to storage then German invasion happened.

Bugatti 100 has unique design on vertical tail design it has 120 degree angle, just like a modern jet fighter. Anybody remember the F-23, yes it has similar design though. Also Bugatti introduces retractable landing gear systems, promises good aerodynamic performance as well as aesthetic design. The aircraft manufactured mostly of wood, several area hand-built with composite layers of balsa and wood. Bugatti 100 installed by twin 4.9 liter engine that boost more than 900 horsepower of propeller engine.
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