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Pilot of American Airlines Bring Pistol in His Backpack

A pilot from American Airlines left a one bullet loaded hand-gun pistol in his backpack.

This happened while the pilot do a security checking at Dallas/Forth Worth International Airport in last March 2014. The pilot named Calabrese, was piloting  American Airilines 1501 flight.

American Airlines Airbus A319-100

American Airlines Airbus A319-100 At Dallas Fort Worth Airport

The pilot was alleged to placing weapons prohibited but the pilot was not arrest due to flight operation reason. The type of hand-gun was stainless-steel Smith & Wesson and about 23 bullets and two magazines.

Calabrase argued he were not regularly put the hand-gun on his backpack but in his last travel he brought the hand-gun for security matter. Calabrase said, he frequently used the weapon and handle it as well. American Airlines refuses to spoke further about this incident.

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