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New Signal Detection of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 MH370

A new hope of finding Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200, MH370 is raising.

The signal suspected to MH370 black box possibly detected in Indian Ocean. Now the search area has been narrowing to more specific area where the signal has detected. But this detection should be take further action to get more clue, possibly will take overnight or a week.

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 Smoking Engine

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 Smoking Engine

Search and rescue team are involving Australia and United States, tens of aircraft and ships are involved as well. Anyway, the search area covered almost 23,000 square miles that make searching effort getting heavier.

The black box battery can only stay and broadcasting for about one month. Any possibilities could be happen then the search team must take action quickly and correctly. If these activities could not give any good results, possibly MH370 will never find.

Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 of MH370 has been missing since 8 March 2014, with 239 passengers on aircraft. The crash area is believe in Southern Indian Ocean, South of Indonesia and about thousand miles of western of Australia.

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