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Korean Air Airbus A380-800 Hits 30-foot Light Poles At Los Angeles

Korean Air with Airbus A380-800 was reported had an incident during taxiing on runway.

The Airbus A380-800 superjumbo jet hits two light poles on runway at Los Angeles International Airport. Thirty-foot Two lights poles were bent due to impact from Korean Air Airbus A380-800's wings. While the wings of aircraft were scratched, but 384 passengers on board were not injured or serious problems.

Korean Air Airbus A380-800 While Taxiing

Korean Air Airbus A380-800 While Taxiing

Korean Air Airbus A380-800 flight, Seoul - Los Angeles, arrived at LA on Wednesday afternoon. There is no official statement from Korean Air nor Los Angeles International Airport. But 262 feet of Airbus A380-800 is believed is the main factor.

Compare to overall width of the runway of Los Angeles International Airport, totally wingspan of Airbus A380-800 superjumbo jet is the matter.

This is not the first incident for Airbus A380-800 superjumbo jet in LAX. Qantas Airbus A380-800 had the same incident with the Korean Airlines. Los Angeles International Airport need to improve its service to the airline, creating new adjustment of existing aircraft, especially wide and huge aircraft.
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