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Ethiopian Airlines Addis Ababa To Rome Hijacked By Co-Pilot

Ethiopian Airlines flight ET702 Addis Ababa to Rome was hijacked by the co - pilot diverted to Geneva this morning.

Swiss police said the co-pilot waited until the pilot went to the bathroom before locking in the cockpit and reroute the Boeing 767 - 300ER to Geneva, where it landed around 06:00 local time.

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767-300ER

Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 767-300ER

The co-pilot then lowered a rope through the window and surrendered to police. Geneva airport was temporarily closed during the incident, but reopened for takeoff at 08:00 and landing at 08:45. It is expected that the aircraft to be kept at the airport for a day or two, while research is conducted.

Ethiopian Airlines said the flight departed from Addis Ababa at 00:30 local time and was scheduled to arrive in Rome at 04:40 local time, but "he was forced to proceed to Geneva airport. Consequently, the flight He has landed safely at the airport in Geneva. All passengers and crew are safe. "

He added that it "make immediate arrangements for its esteemed customers flying on board the flight to your intended destination."
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