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Delta Airlines Profit Sharing Reach Half Billion of Dollars

Delta Air Lines, Inc.’s employees are about to get a pretty big bonus.

The Atlanta-based airline giant (NYSE: DAL) announced it will pay its employees $506 million in earned profit sharing.

Delta Airlines Airbus A330-300
Delta Airlines Airbus A330-300

The payout is the highest in company history. Employees' individual payouts will equal 8.26 percent of their eligible 2013 earnings, the company announced.

Along with base pay, Delta provides employees with additional compensation elements like profit sharing, designed to allow employees to earn more when the company performs well. Additionally, Delta employees can earn monthly bonuses for meeting corporate operational goals throughout the year, known as Shared Rewards, according to Delta.

In 2013, Delta employees helped achieve the corporate financial and operational goals earning $91.7 million in shared rewards, which, combined with profit sharing, totals $598 million in bonus performance pay for the year. Delta has paid out nearly $1.7 billion in profit sharing and shared rewards during the past four years, the company said. via atw
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