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Boeing 787 Dreamliner Latest Update About Flight Permit Aviation News 8

Boeing is preparing to install a modified battery system for flight tests of The Dreamliner in anticipation of the FAA redesign plan, approximately will come by March 6. While then airframer itself for a lengthy test and qualification period for extensive test.

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner of Nippon Airways

There is no details of Boeing's revised battery system have emerged since it was proposed to FAA on last February. The manufacturer confirms the plan is for one-stop permanent solution, not an interim step. Boeing trusted sources indicate these would be made for only economic not for safety issues. The company insider said, fully address the safety issues that have been identified."

A new venting system and containment also will be introduced to protect structure of aircraft and whole aircraft systems from damage should the battery ignite. Work has been conducted at various system and component laboratories around its flight test and development center complex at Boeing home base at Seattle.
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