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Airbus To Decide Airbus A330 New Engine Option

The decision pertaining re-engined of Airbus A330 series become Airbus A330 NEO will be decided this year.

Barry Eccleston, the president of Airbus America, said that if happen Airbus A330 NEO will not disturb the new family of Airbus, Airbus A350's market. The Airbus A330 NEO are going to be serious contender for Boeing 787 Dreamliner's family.

Original Airbus A330-300

Original Airbus A330-300

This final decision also influenced by Airline requirement as well, the acceptance of new variant of Airbus A330 NEO remain questions. There is a worried that Airline prefer to wait new variant of Airbus A330 and cancel orders for Airbus A350 XWB instead.

Barry also said, several Airline are very interested in re-engined its Airbus A330 Series fleet and to retire its old Boeing 747 and Boeing 767 Series.

One of the biggest airline in United States, Delta Airlines is looking to replace its fleet into 50 wide-body aircraft. At the first, Delta will choose Boeing Dreamliner's family and there are still hope for Airbus to get in. The answer will be changed if Airbus proposes and quotes the Airbus A330 New Engine Option.

Asia's market are even dazzled for Airbus, especially in China. In China, 250-300 passenger's aircraft are on high-demand, million of passengers tend to choose wide-body aircraft for traveling. Those trends are great opportunity for airlines as well as for Airbus A330 NEO market.

Trusted source said, Airbus A330 will have aerodynamic improvement or winglet or sharklet will be added. Greener and more efficient engines will be upgraded as well.
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