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Airbus and Comac Collaboration on Air Transport Industry

Comac and Airbus have signed a memorandum of understanding to work together on initiatives for sustainable growth of the air transport industry.

Initially, the two aircraft manufacturers cooperate in new concepts of air traffic management and operations to increase fuel efficiency of flights.

comac airbus collaboration

"Protection of the environment, the safety of the aircraft and seamless cooperation between industry players are important in promoting a sustainable aviation industry factors," says the president of Comac He Dongfeng . "We will strengthen cooperation with Airbus in areas such as global interoperability , sustainability and security of aircraft, deepening the understanding of more recent concepts of the world and operations , best practices and methodologies. Through collaboration, both companies will jointly contribute to sustainable long-term development of the aviation industry . "

Airbus added that the two companies plan to expand their cooperation on environmental issues in the future. Comac is also involved in collaborative research with Boeing's Air Traffic Management .
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