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Russian Authority About Antonov An-24 Crash Landing Report

Research output in Moscow Domodedovo Pskovavia track comes just three weeks after a Polar Airlines Antonov An-24 was damaged on landing short in Yakutsk.

The aircraft ( RA- 46834 ) had landed on runway 23R at night in the fog - which reduced visibility to 400 meters ( 1300 feet) - after a regional flight from Batagay January 3.

Antonov An-24

Antonov An-24 Inflight

The federal aviation authority Rosaviatsia states that the landing occurred at 18:59 , but a subsequent inspection airport at 20:35 , damage was found in the approach lights some 170m before the threshold.Inspection evidence from the main landing gear of the aircraft in the same area are also presented.

Rosaviatsia says the crew did not report the incident , contrary to regulations , noting that the remains of the damaged aircraft and the lighting could have posed a threat to other air traffic. Nineteen passengers and four crew members were aboard the plane. Rosaviatsia says Antonov An-24 had registered 14,400 h  and 12,800 h included in the twin engine type.
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