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India Defense Budget in Aerospace Equipments Aviation News 3

 South Asian nation's military modernization is growing rapidly, especially India. The fever to get a piece of the Indian defense pie, United States aim to be the part of it and more than 600 companies among them.

There are 67 armament and aviation companies are from United States, followed by 49 France companies, 47 from Russia & Israel Manufacturers and 33 of them came from United Kingdom. These aerospace and defense companies are staring to the expanding and very huge market. They have to compete harder and seize opportunities to keep exist in this industries.

boeing c17 globemaster iii indian air force, boeing c17 indian air force, indian air force
Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

India defense budgetary allocation expected to touch $50 billion in the next fiscal year, begin from 1 April 2013. The expense for new procurements will go to air platforms and its equipments reach $15 billion, so that was massive for aerospace industries. In their Air Force, India by United States is convinced to replace Russian equipments through Indian authorities and the goal is very near and successful. So let's see how is going to be, Indian will be more American or Russian.
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