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Existence of Italian Predator B Drone in Afghanistan

The Italian Air Force has begun using its unmanned aerial system General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Predator B in Afghanistan after the successful verification flights.

Operating from Herat Air Base in support of the organization Force International Security Assistance NATO Regional Command West, the new type will replace the A-model Predators previously flown by the Italian air force in the country.

General Atomics Predator B Drone

General Atomics Predator B Drone

Equipped with a electro-optical/infrared sensor payload and synthetic aperture radar, unarmed Predator B Italia will be used for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. The type was previously used by the Air Force during the US-led NATO to protect Libyan civilians in 2011 campaign. Acquisition of Predator B Italia, including six air vehicles, and related equipment.
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