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Boeing Produces 10 Boeing 787 Dreamliner Per Month

Boeing has rolled out the first 787-8 built at the rate of 10 aircraft per month, completing a quintupling of the production rate over the past two years.

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The 155th 787 to exit final assembly since the first flight test aircraft rolled out in 2007 is scheduled for delivery to International Lease Finance (ILFC), which has assigned the aircraft to Aeromexico.

Boeing’s output on the 787 now equals the rate set by the Airbus A330 last April and matches the highest output for a widebody aircraft in history. Boeing, by comparison, builds the 777 at a rate of 8.3 per month.

Larry Loftis, Boeing’s vice-president and general manager for the 787 programme said the latest rate increased “reflects the continued strong demand” for the aircraft.

Despite the rate increase, it will take Boeing more than 7.5 years to deliver all of the 787s currently in the order backlog. The next rate increase for the 787 is planned in two years, when output will increase to 12 per month. Aeromexico plans to operate the 787 on the Mexico City-Heathrow route.     via fglobal
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