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Airbus Considering About The Batteries For Their New Aircrafts Aviation News 7

The Boeing 787 incidents about batteries make Airbus decided to drop lithium-ion batteries on their brand new aircraft, Airbus A350. The source of Airbus says they want to protect the Airbus A350 into service schedule.

airbus a350 vertical wing, airbus a350, a350
 Airbus A350 Vertical Wing

Airbus was worried about late additional compliance issue that have been introduced by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). Airbus plans to mature the advanced technology further nonetheless, but initial flight tests will be performed with lithium-ion batteries. The Airbus said that its too late to make some implement the change for early part of flight test program.

airbus a320 neo, a320 neo, a320 neo flight test
Airbus A320 NEO During Flight Test

The Airbus A350 itself later will be certified with Nickel-Cadmium batteries. Also batteries made from lithium-ion is considered to be used by Airbus A320 NEO, unfortunately they drop the plan and use nickel-cadmium batteries.
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