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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Photos of Our Baby Boy

He isn't due to arrive until March of next year, but here are the photos from yesterday's ultrasound. The doctor's said everything looks perfect, and he is measuring about 5 days larger than average.

It's truly amazing the level of detail you can now see in the images. We looked at both legs, arms, hands and feet. We were able to count his fingers, see both nostrils and checked the compartments of his heart. We also verified that he is receiving good blood flow from the umbilical cord and that his stomach, kidneys and lungs are all exactly as they should be. Absolutely amazing.

Click on any of the images for a larger view. 
Our Baby's footprint is 3.74cm long.

This profile view shows us his nose, mouth, hand and knee.

In this profile view, he had pulled his legs over his head and was holding onto them with his hands.

In this 3D image, our boy is laying on his left side, with both his hands under his head. (I sleep this way too.)

Hears a 3D view of our little boys face.

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