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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ridiculously Awesome Frisbee Catch

I used to play Ultimate Frisbee a lot.
I played with guys at every skill level.

Some guys were better at throwing from numerous holds.
- I could only throw 3 different ways.

Some guys were great at making amazing catches.
- I had a few (My most memorable was after a field length run I laid out for the disc and caught it inches above the ground while sliding through the mud).

And that sort of knowledge is what makes me appreciate this video so much.

First off, the throw is absolutely massive.There's no way to discount what the thrower did.

But the thing that struck me the first time I saw this video was incredible skill of the guy who caught it.
He timed his leap perfectly, his angle perfectly, his reach perfectly - and he did it off a moving speedboat.

The fact that these guys do these things to raise awareness for Compassion and children in poverty is an extra added bonus.

How Ridiculous, indeed!

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