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Monday, January 24, 2011

An Interview with Glen Phillips About Music, Motivation and Creativity

I found this interview with Glen Phillips of Toad the Wet Sprocket fame and wanted to share it.
It's interesting to me to hear the perspective of someone who has been in the music industry for so long.
Glen not only talks about some of his projects and bands, but he shares how his perspective and approach to writing has changed, as well as his motivation for creating.

As an aside - I saw Toad the Wet Sprocket live for the first time last year on the 4th of July and they sounded great. I was thrilled to hear for myself exactly how good they sound live and how much they sound like their recording, which is way more than most bands can have said of them. I'd love to see them again in a full concert setting, and I'd love for that show to not be limited to 70 minutes of scheduled time. Oh, and rumors online have a new studio album for TTWS coming soon...

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