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Monday, May 17, 2010

Specific Socks

Gold Toe Men's Cotton Quarter Athletic Sock, White, 3-Pack, 10-13Today at lunch, my sister and I got into a disagreement surrounding socks.
Here are the points of contention:

She thinks it is weird that some people think that certain socks go on certain feet.
I know that each sock has a specific foot that it calls home.

She claims that every sock is made the same and that they fit each foot the same.
I agree with both of these statements until after a sock is worn a few times.

She claims that a sock returns to its original shape after being washed.
I say that a sock will never return to it original shape, as it will always get stretched to fit the foot it belongs to.

In a bried survey of coworkers who were present during this debate, I believe I proved my point by having both people questioned agree with my stance.

Does anyone agree with me that socks belong to a certain foot, or would you agree with my sister that all socks are to be worn on either foot at any time?

(And yes, I wear Gold Toe Socks and love them.)

1 comment:

  1. I agree with Sarah. After they've been washed, I can't tell a difference as to which sock should go on what foot, never even thought about this before.