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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

REALMnotes - Prayer #2 (How We Pray) 13APR10

Debunking Prayer Misconceptions
- It is not for our reputation
- It is not for others to see and hear
- It is not vain repetition
- It is not to spread gossip
- It does not require certain words or phrases
- It does not have to said at certain times

How do we pray?
- Privately (secretly) (Matt 6:5-8)
- In small groups (Acts 1:14)
- Publicly (examples of Christ praying publicly are present throughout the New Testament)

What do we pray for?
- We don’t pray for selfish gain (James 4:3)
- We pray for God’s Will to be accomplished (1 John 5:14 and Acts 4:29-31)
    o The Holy Spirit translates our prayers (Romans 8:26)
    o God knows the condition and motivation of our hearts (Romans 8:27)

The Lord’s Prayer is a model (Matthew 6:9-13)
- Correct Recipient
- Respectful
- Humble
- Thankful
- Earnest
- Honest
When we pray with pure hearts, seeking the Will of God, we are actively interacting with every member of the Triune God.
- Jesus provides the access
- The Holy Spirit provides a translation
- God the Father listens to the heart

Small Group Handout

What kind of things do you find yourself praying about most often?

Prayer Journal Update
Looking back at your requests from last week, have any of those prayers been answered?

Don’t spend too much time talking about what the group can pray for…
Get to it.

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