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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

World Aids Day 2009

World Aids Day 2009
When I was in college, AIDS/HIV was a very popular topic. At that time, it was just becoming more widely discussed, especially on college campuses across the US. As a Resident Assistant (RA) in a hall on campus, it was part of my job to provide educational programs to the students about various topics. One of the most time intensive presentations I ever created revolved around the topic of AIDS.

The statistics I was able to find at the time were altogether nauseating and left me feeling helpless in the fight of the spread of the disease. To add insult to an already devastating disease, many within the Christian community were quick to condemn those who had contracted the disease, declaring that this was a judgement from God for their sinful behavior.

Here we are now, years later, and there are medications that can and do prevent AIDS from being so utterly debilitating. There are millions of people around the world living with AIDS. Yet, at the same time, there are millions more who will die of the disease this year due to lack of care and treatment. Millions of innocent children have and will contract HIV in utero and will face an incredibly short and bleak life.

The face of AIDS/HIV is no longer associated with the homosexual, nor is it relegated to the prostitutes and junkies of this world. The face of AIDS/HIV can be seen on the face of children all around the world who are exposed to the disease through the birthing process and never have an opportunity to live beyond their 5th birthday.

There are hundreds of programs available that allow you to help combat the spread of this disease and to provide medical treatment for those who do have it. Lisa and I have used WorldVision to impact people in the past and I would recommend supporting their World AIDS Day program without hesitation.

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