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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Being Thankful in Spite of Circumstances

If you spend much time perusing the Christian blog circles of the internet, you will most likely recognize the name of Matt Chandler, who is the Lead Pastor at Village Church in Texas. Matt has a huge online following and is a highly requested speaker for conferences all over the United States. Obviously, I have never met the man, but I have listened to several sermons and have read a lot of what he has written or said.

On Thanksgiving morning, Matt had a seizure and ended up in the hospital. Doctors ran a multitude of tests and discovered that Matt has a brain tumor in his right frontal lobe that measures 2 inches by 1 inch in diameter. Obviously, this is a serious situation and the doctors' only path forward was to perform surgery as soon as possible to remove the tumor.

Just prior to heading to the hospital for his surgery, Matt wrote on his blog. After you have read Matt's post from Friday morning (My Heart is Full... I am Thankful) go watch the video he made for his church to view on Sunday morning (Video from Matt). I find his attitude to be one that I pray that I would be able to have if placed in such a situation.

The surgery was performed Friday morning and seems to have gone well. I haven't seen or heard any specifics about his condition, but Matt did post a tweet on his Twitter account on Sunday afternoon while heavily medicated, so that tells me that he does have motor function and thought/speech/text ability.

Please be in prayer for Matt and his family as they work through recovery.
Praise God for the ability/knowledge he has given men to perform such surgeries!

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