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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Abortion: China and America

Lisa and I were talking last night about abortion, which was generated by watching this video, which has made the rounds of the internet over the past few days:

I had watched the original sermon segment back in January and found John Piper’s plea to be moving, genuine and compelling.

As Lisa and I talked about the issue of abortion, I referenced an issue I had read about regarding selective abortion practices in China. In early April, the Chinese government acknowledged in the British Medical Journal that most couples in China were selectively aborting female babies in order to attempt to have a male child in the future. As a result, China is facing a generational shortage of females going forward. In fact, it appears that the gender gap in China is intensifying over the past several years and shows no sign of abating. The ramifications of this dramatic increase in the male population in the future are far-reaching and have raised some serious concerns for the Chinese government.

It appears that this issue is a direct result of policy changes the Chinese government made in the mid 1980s, which placed limits on the number of children, the citizens could have. With the arrival of affordable technology and a great amount of governmental funding, the residents of China were given readily available access to not only test for the sex of their unborn baby but to have the abortion procedure performed as well at local clinics when the sex of the child was determined to be female.

And so, within the span of twenty years, the nation of China has implemented governmental policy restricting their citizens rights, the government of China has provided the means to abort the unwanted children and now the government of China is facing an unprecedented social, demographic and economic barrier in the coming years.

How is the Chinese government going to deal with this upcoming issue?
There hasn’t been a direction determined yet, but they have stated that “some imaginative and extreme solutions have been suggested”. What does that mean? How do you interpret “extreme” when the government that is talking has already promoted and provided the means to kill literally millions of Chinese girls every year for the past decade?

Some might say "Well that is over in China and they are a little bit crazy and their government is oppressive, but that could never happen here in the United States of America. We know what we are doing and we are levelheaded and science-driven. We have freedom and liberty to choose to act in ways that our government cannot demand of us".

In America, we hear people screaming about women’s rights and the freedom to choose what to do with their own bodies. I’m wondering what happened to the rights of the approximately 500,000 American girls that are aborted every year and thus denied their right to choose anything...

China is leading the way in policy-driven and government-funded family structure. Abraham Lincoln spoke of the united States Government as being “of the people, by the people and for the people”. Oh, how we have strayed far from that noble thought. The American government has determined that the people who need protection the most are the people it finances the killing of and, as a result, promotes the ongoing slaughter of future generations of Americans.

We are a weaker nation as a result of the ongoing horrific practice of abortion and it doesn’t take many years before you find that your country is reaping the seeds that have been sown. In this case, we are killing the seeds before they are sown and robbing our nation and the world of millions of beautiful children who could one day change the world.

The future of a nation that promotes abortion so heavily is not bright.
Just ask China.

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