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Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Soundtrack to Birth

I find myself thinking a lot about music lately and I have certain very real reasons to ponder the subject. For instance, my wife has asked me to put together a playlist on my iPod for us to listen to while she is in labor. She has mentioned that she wants some mellow, calming music, but has otherwise left the task of determining what music should make the list up to me. And that is where I run into trouble...

Should I use only instrumental music? If so, should that music be limited to piano and stringed instruments or is would certain woodwind instruments (ie flute, panflute, oboe, clarinet) also be acceptable?

Would music with vocals be acceptable or tolerable in such a setting? Obviously, certain types of vocal music would never make the playlist (hard rock and rap come to mind), but what about some of the more mellow artists like James Taylor or Norah Jones?

I am currently thinking of creating two playlists. One list will be strictly instrumental and the other will have some vocal music mixed in. It's entirely possible that when it comes down to it we may not want any music at all, but it is better to be prepared and not use it then want it and not have it.

Anyone have any thoughts on artists, albums or types of music that might work in the playlist?


  1. Instrumental only, preferably all Beethoven! A little sound and fury from the master might move things along. Think of pushing to the beat of the 5th symphony. Perhaps taking breaks during the adagio of the 7th symphony. And, as the baby is born, the final movement of the 9th symphony!

    If you want, you could throw in some Mendelssohn, some Bruckner (especially the scherzos from his symphonies), and some Sibelius.

    See how easy that was?

  2. I'll give you the opportunity to provide 5 of your cds for consideration or a list of 30 songs or movements you think would be appropriate. I'll need either of those by the end of next week though so I can finish this playlist...

  3. I think you should raise him/her the right way, with the holy trinity of The Doors, Zeppelin and Hendrix. I'm leaning more towards Zeppelin for their ballads and instrumental work, Hendrix might be a bit too over the top for such a young age, but The Doors have that "groove" sound that really make you feel what music is all about.