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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Official Baby Poll

The tickers above and to the right tell me that we have 23 days remaining until our due date.
This means it is time to take the Walker baby poll.

In the comments below, state the your guess in the following format:
Birth Date/ Sex / Weight / Length / How much hair (if any) / will look the most like Lisa or me

Incidentally, our baby's heart rate measured in the midpoint of the healthy range at our appointment on Wednesday, as it has at every other appointment over the last 36 weeks. So if you are into guessing the gender based on the heart rate you will have to try another method...

You have until 31OCTo8 to get your guess in (less time if the baby arrives early).

You might also want to share your music choices for the labor room.


  1. Grandpa Walker

    11-5 / F / 8lb 12oz / 21" / lots / Lisa

  2. 11/5/ Boy / Loads of hair/ Jeremy /See my guess from the shower for the weight.~Eeah~ Sorry it took me so long to guess lisa...*crosses fingers*

  3. Birth Date: 11/7/ Sex: Girl Weight 10Ib 9oz Length: 19 inches How much hair: Alot will look the most like Lisa or me: Jeremy.

  4. Sorry! That last one was Bethany!!! i forgot to put my name!

  5. 11-4/Girl (keep the ball rolling)/8lbs. 7 oz/21"/balder than Daddy Warbucks/Lisa

    ~Team Williams

  6. Sarah Kaatman
    11/1/08 /Girl/7lbs 10oz/ 21.25"/ Jeremy

  7. 11/14/08, Boy, 7lb 9oz, hair, but not alot, Lisa

  8. November 6th; male; 8lbs 8oz; 22"; average amount of hair; and looks like both Lisa and Jeremy

    You better post pictures when it gets here or I will be mad. Love Kate

  9. 11-6 in the evening
    girl 8lb. 4.75 oz.
    lots of hair- looks like Jeremy until all her hair falls out.

    -Brian Hopf

  10. Oh, and 21" in length.


  11. Dan Secord...

    11-5/boy/idk whatever average babies weight/Hair past the shoulders, with a long Jesus beard/ Jeremy.

  12. 11-10-08 / Male / 9 lbs / 22" / Long Rockstar Hair / Look like Jeremy

  13. Date of Birth: November 9, 2008
    Girl Weight 8 lbs. 15 oz. Length 21 1/2 inches
    Some Hair
    She will look like Lisa.

  14. "This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush is a beautiful song to play...you should definitely play it!

  15. Jessi Walker-Livingston
    11/7/08 <----(sorry Lisa!!!) Female/7lbs 5 oz/21"/lotsa hair...dark hair like both of ya'll!