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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kitchen Remodel Takes Shape

Lisa and I went to a kitchen remodelling place yesterday where we talked with the owner about our project. He took all of our measurements, placed them into the computer and within minutes we had the beginning of a new kitchen design. After several iterations, we were happy with the proposed layout. Choosing the cabinets we wanted took a bit longer, but in time we chose several to have the man price for us. As he was crunching the numbers, we began looking at countertops.

As soon as he told us the prices, we knew which cabinets we would be getting. Suprisingly, it was the "more expensive" line and the exact model we had originally wanted. Since our kitchen is relatively small, the cost difference between the basic line and the model we chose is relatively negligible. Having chosen our cabinets, we were able to hone in on what type of countertop we wanted. In a matter of minutes that issue was resolved and we were beginning to get a picture of what our new kitchen might look like.

We brought the sample cabinet face home to stare at in our current kitchen over the weekend. Unless something drastic happens and we find an amazing deal somewhere else, we will probably go back in early next week and place our order. We found this place through a man that one of our friends from church recommended. So he's recommended by a recommended man I guess... :) That has to count for something...

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