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Friday, July 25, 2008

Dark Knight Versus Transformers

Lisa and I made it out to see The Dark Knight last night. As we were approaching the theater, I recognized a young man I know from the college group standing outside. We talked briefly before entering the theater and something he said struck me as funny.

"They say that the Dark Knight is even bigger than Transformers! Can you believe that!?!!"

He was talking about ticket sales, but the thought occurred to me that for him this was a huge statement. It never occurred to me that Transformers might be a movie to be compared to and referenced as something being beyond incredible. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it for the popcorn-summer-blockbuster that it was, but it didn't really do anything extraordinary in my book. In fact, I thought it was too long and drawn out...

Meanwhile, back in the theater, we sat through the obligatory 20 minutes of previews. The Watchmen looks like it could be really big (espeically if you are into comics, which I am not)and Terminator: Salvation has Christian Bale in it, so it should do well with the Batman crowd. The new Disney movie Bolt doesn't look like something I want to pay full price to see - Redbox maybe.

I found The Dark Knight to be entertaining and a much better plot than Batman Begins. The reviews that raved about not only Ledger's performance but the rest of the cast are correct. This movie is filled with some brilliantly acted scenes and there aren't many that don't add something to the story.

However, there were a few things in the movie that I found quite annoying. Batman, being a man in a high tech suit, should not be able to bend and break guns into pieces with his bare hands. Also, for being a highly educated, highly intelligent, high society businessman, it appears that when Bruce Wayne dons the Batsuit he can no longer speak clearly or in fluent sentances. I understand the "need" to disguise his voice while being the Caped Crusader, but it was quite annoying to try and interpret some of what he was saying. The rate at which certain characters from the series have been killed is startling and makes me wonder who will be next...

Overall, I enjoyed the film and would watch it again without hesitation. It did not seem to drag at any point for too long and I found some of the issues presented in the movie to cause me to think about them for a few moments. If you haven't seen it yet and have the time and money to spare, you most likely won't hate this movie.

I found this video this morning and it cracked me up!

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