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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Weplacement Windows

Lisa and I have spent several hours over the past few weeks looking at and trying to get an estimate for a new window for our living room window. The current window was at one time a very nice, high-quality window arrnagement, with two casement windows flanking a large picture window. However, over time the blinds that are between the panes of glass in each window have ceased to function properly in one casement and in the picture window. The casement window with functional blinds had its mechanics break last summer, so we can't open and close the window relaibly or with any ease - so we don't open it. The other casement window operate just fine, but its scrolling up screen was ruined and cannot be replaced - so we can't open it or the cats will get out and the bugs will get in.

Basically, we now have three large pieces of glass that at one time had a functional purpose but now simply act as a transparent wall with a lot of broken attachments. It's not the prettiest thing and it is frustrating to not be able to use it for what it was designed and created for. So we have decided to replace it with a newer, more energy-efficient fully funcioning window. We aren't sure yet if we will have two casement windows again or two double hung windows. In the next few weeks we have two different window companies coming to take measurements and give us a more detailed estimate. We are hoping to have the installation completed before most of the plants in the flower bed that surrounds the window begin to grow this year. We shall see

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