Hebrews 12:1-2

"..let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith..." - Hebrews 12:1-2

Monday, February 21, 2005

Day 3 in Chicago would prove to be our busiest day of the trip.
We got up and went walking to the Field Museum, which was across Michigan Avenue from our hotel(half a mile?). Upon entering the Museum, we went through the Africa display, which was quite intriguing. Then we spent some time going through the Egypt exhibit. The highlight of this exhibit was a recreation of a pyramid which you could walk through. Upon entering the third room of the building, you found yourself surrounded by the actual bricks from the tomb, which had been transported over from Egypt. It was amazing to see the detail of the carvings on the wall the paintings and the heiroglyphs which were thousands of years old.

After being wowed by the structures, mummies and other artifacts of the Egypt exhibit, Lisa and I made our way to the exhibit which we quickly nicknamed the "Dead Zoo". This exhibit was case upon case of stuffed animals. The dioramas they were placed in were very nice and it gave you an idea of the habitat the creature lived in. There were literally hundreds of these cases, with animals from all around the globe represented. A lot of the animals were from the early 1900s (1904 in the case of the Mexican Grizzly for instance), and some of them(like the aforementioned Mexican Grizzly) are now extinct. It was interesting to note that the White Tailed Deer display had a sign that proclaimed that the deer were on the verge of extinction. It's amazing how times have changed and now we plan hunting seasons to try and regulate the population a little. We also saw the infamous Lions of Tsavo, which had a movie made about them a few years ago(The Ghosts in the Darkness).

We spent 3 hours at the field museum and saw maybe a fifth of it, but it was time to walk over to Shedd's Aquarium. The aquarium had some nice displays, particularly one on the Amazon River habitat. It followed the changes of the habitat based upon the flooding season and contained lots of different species of exotic fish and animals. We made our way to the Oceanarium for the Dolphin show, which was educational as well as entertaining. After the show we went to see the view from below the tanks. After watching the river otters for a while, and having a snack while observing the dolphins from underwater, we decided to leave for Adler Planetarium.

We had a limited amount of time at the Planetarium before our show "The Stars of the Pharaohs". We say a majority of the exhibits, and I was not all that impressed with what I saw. Basically, our Science Center has spoiled me. The exhibits at Adler were not as interesting or as hands on, and they had many fewer exhibits. So we went to the show, which was education to a point, but I found it kind of boring - too much computer animation and not enough star scenes for my taste.

We closed out the Planetarium and decided to go eat at Giordano's Pizza, which is famous and had been recommended to us. We walked to where we thought it was, but couldn't find it. We called and found out the location we thought we were looking for was in fact several miles away. So we decided to try and find one of the other locations. After walking for what was probably 2 miles, we found the Giordano's in the theatre district. We ordered the deep dish pizza pie, which was quite amazing. We enjoyed our meal after a long day of museums, crowds and tons of walking. We hopped on a bus and rode it back to the hotel and spent the remainder of the evening reading our books.

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