Hebrews 12:1-2

"..let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith..." - Hebrews 12:1-2

Friday, October 24, 2003

At practice tonight, we worked on the new song "A Patch of Blue", which sounds like something from a Bing Crosby musical. It has some really incredibly smooth harmonies, builds up to a massive wall of sound, then immediately breaks back to the tender harmonies that run through the chorus. I like the way this song moves and sounds a lot - it's definately a new type of song for the musical. We then had the newer members go over their songs, which sound pretty good, considering the short amount of time they have been involved with this adventure.

Michael then proceeded to pull out the "memo" that Deke wrote to BMI regarding this endeavor. (Explanatory note: When trying to land a record deal for a musical, it is standard procedure for the production company(Deke) to provide a basic 2 or 3 paragraph memo stating its intent to fully back/fund the jusical for a certain period of time. This allows the record company (BMI) to know that it's product (the CD) will be supported and actively promoted, thus making it more inviting of a proposition for the record company.(

Well, Deke's "memo" ended up being a full 5 pages in length, so I guess that makes it a letter.

In it, Deke proceeded to list some of his various accomplishments and accolades, in order to prove his status in the industry and the fact that he is successful and that he knows what a good product is. He then proceeded to explain how his company (Sanctuary Productions) is very successful in promoting various products around the world. He explained the status of the company and how it continues to expand it's influence not only in the radio/music market, but also in the publishing, multimedia, movie and theatrical realms as well. Then he moved into explaining why he thinks this musical is a good business endeavor, and how he feels it can be a very successful investment.

He spoke of various broad strategies that could be pursued in marketing and promoting the "Isle of Dreams", and explained how he hoped the synergy between Santuary and BMI could accomplish these things. He then stated exactly how Sanctuary is planning on promoting this musical on its own, with specific market plans and events that will be scheduled in various locales around the United States as well as the world. He also stated that our group will be going over to Iraq to sing for the troops.

Throughout the letter, he made mention of the "magnificent cast", the "incredibly talented group of performers", "these amazing singers" and other incredibly humbling descriptions of our group. He basically stated in more than one portion of the letter how our group would be specifically involved in what he was talking about. He even proceeded to mention several of the castmembers by name, and how they could be promoted into being "actual stars" of their own right. He also stated that this musical does not need "stars" or famous people to promote it. He believes the music and the message presented is more than enough to make people love the musical and want to hear it/see it again.

It was an amazing time to listen to these words being read to us. Words which were written by a man of amazing talent and intelligence, on the other side of an ocean, not obligated to write such acclaims or reviews of us at all. And yet he felt compelled to include us in his letter. He included us as part of the reason why BMI should be involved with this musical.

We have been honored in the highest way, by one of the most highly respected men in the music industry. People all around the globe know who this man is by name only, and we have had the opportunity to meet him, sing for him, spend time with him, and even speak with him openly regarding many various things.

That was all we did at practice tonight, as if that wasn't enough.

We are continually being amazed by how God is moving through other people in order to promote His message.

Who are we to deserve such statements of praise? What did we do to deserve such treatment and favor from God?

Well, as a group we have remained faithful to Him. We have always sought to promote Christ, and nothing less. We have held to our convictions, and have unashamedly promoted the Gospel everywhere we have gone. Individually, we have drawn closer to God and continually strive to walk in His ways.

God blesses us in spite of ourselves, and He rewards us because He loves us. Awesome!

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